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Autumn Sunrise and a Surprise

Another beautiful autumn sunrise this morning. Every day I see these balloons, I remind myself that one day I want to take a trip and see the city from the quiet spot in a balloon. One day....

Sunrise from my balcony

And on another sunny note - drum roll please............. I have a new job!! Yippee. A wonderful moment happened on my birthday Friday where I got a call to say all the hard work and effort I put in applying and interviewing have paid off. Woo Hoo. So it was double celebration with toasts for me and my new role. More details on that to come as I draw closer to my start date.

Needless to say a weight has been lifted and I feel that I am moving forward rather than treading water. A feel some baking coming on to celebrate.

Hope you are having a wonderful morning.



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April - A Month in Review

The months are just flying past. It has been a busy couple of months with life, work and family. April is always crazy with the lead up to a ,assize fundraising event, easter, ANZAC day and my birthday. This year was no exception. So here is my April in pictures.

Feeling way too busy
Love this storage idea
Mmmm Seafood Laksa for lunch
Heading to work for PJ day in the office - Raised $280 so worth it
Homemade pumpkin and sweet potato soup
Birthday Present from Mum - Princess Highway
Homemade Choc Chip cookies
City Skyline at sunset
Easter Bunny selfie - heading to mum's
Homemade sausage rolls
Hunting for Easter Eggs at Mum's
Scenery at Mum's
Homemade Beef Pies - Yummy!!!
ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget
Relaxing on the balcony
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Spring has sprung

Spring is in the air. Time for spring cleaning; wardrobe, life, and finances. Time for growth and reenergising. Taking out the old and bringing in the new.

This last week has been very cathartic for me. Being able to walk away from a bad work situation with my head held high has really helped. This has been the start, the catalyst for a deeper and further clearing of all things that drain me. 

I started a bit of a list of things to clear out and I have to admit to going well and feeling better.

Wardrobe - clearing out unwanted clothes - things that don't fit or don't suit me - gone to either a good home through eBay or charityRandom clutter - I have had a shelf (or two) of various bits I have been meaning to sell on eBay or get rid of. From perfume and books to DVD's and clothes. These are now online and earning me some cash. And pretty soon I will have an empty shelfCredit Card - I am debt free. Yes, that credit card with its hefty interest rate is gone! Paid off in full and…

My week in Pictures

A recap of my week in pictures. From dreams, views and anything that has caught my eye this week. A visual feast.

Dreaming - Santorini, Greece
Off I go!
Everybody needs a little love.
Storm clouds rolling over the city.
Dreaming - A chateau of my own
Loving - the energy, the dreaminess, the background, wish I was her
Loving - effortless chic (Asos Dress)
Dreaming - wishing I was relaxing in crystal cear water with the sun on my face!
Dreaming - Santorini, Greece (Is there anything not love about this place?)
Dreaming - Sunset over the beach from the infinity pool
Can you spot a theme? I am dreaming of a much needed holiday. Planning for a a week long break on a sunny beach with nothing more than a cocktail and a good book. I am over winter and need a chance to refresh to regain some energy! Stay tuned to find out where I end up sometime in the next month.