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November in Review

Oh what fun. I had forgotten how much fun it was to flick back through my photos from the month and capture the ones that brought back great memories and points in my month. So here goes with some highlights from November. The month that saw me resign from my job and captures the first 4 weeks of unwinding and finding myself under the stress.

A happy end to my final day in the office
Brunch with my Mum at our favourite spot in the west
Planting some more tomatoes and basil ready for summer
Relaxing in the sun in the backyard
Orange Butterfly Cupcake with Lemon Mascarpone Frosting 

Rocking the early morning baseball look
A feast fit for two ladies as we devour the new Gilmore Girls Revival
Mini Choc Chip Cookies - Yumm
I hope your November was as wonderful. Bring on December, the silly season and summer!


Gilmore Girls Inspired Mind Wanderings....

Having spent my weekend immersed in Stars Hollow with our favourite mother and daughter duo, I have now rejoined my reality and have had sufficient enough time to digest this next (and possibly last) instalment of my favourite TV family.

I, like many others of around a similar age, spent the early 2000s religiously tuning into Gilmore Girls each week to get my fix of the latest caffeinated goings on in Stars Hollow. While Lorelei and Rory were closer in age than my mum and I, we did share a similar synchronicity of our relationships. We too spent plenty of time together shopping and enjoying hanging out. Though it is only now that i have developed a taste for coffee that we too can share this.

So it was with excitement that we sat down Friday night to see what the last 9 years had held for our beloved Lorelei and Rory. Would Lorelei and Luke have finally got together? What adventures and accolades would Rory achieve on the Obama campaign trail as she pushed to dizzying heights in her jo…

Time ticks on......

And life throws some curveballs and interesting surprises for everyone. No apologies or excuses here, just a tumultuous time recently. Some good, some brilliant and some just down right heartbreaking.

After a few false starts (mainly technological - What is going on with the Blogger App??), I felt the urge to write. Not to share anything in particular, but just a need to reacquaint myself with my inner voice and let it run free. So today is just an opening of the heart and mind. A chance to let some of those inner thoughts run free and see what comes out. 

It seems that life is always throwing something else at you. Since I last stopped by to share my thoughts (July last year can you believe?) the following have happened:
I've moved houseWe began a tough journey (that still isn't complete)I've loved and felt real loveI've lostI resigned from my job (recently)I have seen a great friend get married in ItalyI have baked (a lot)I have masted the art of procrastinationI am mak…