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Gilmore Girls Inspired Mind Wanderings....

Having spent my weekend immersed in Stars Hollow with our favourite mother and daughter duo, I have now rejoined my reality and have had sufficient enough time to digest this next (and possibly last) instalment of my favourite TV family.

I, like many others of around a similar age, spent the early 2000s religiously tuning into Gilmore Girls each week to get my fix of the latest caffeinated goings on in Stars Hollow. While Lorelei and Rory were closer in age than my mum and I, we did share a similar synchronicity of our relationships. We too spent plenty of time together shopping and enjoying hanging out. Though it is only now that i have developed a taste for coffee that we too can share this.

So it was with excitement that we sat down Friday night to see what the last 9 years had held for our beloved Lorelei and Rory. Would Lorelei and Luke have finally got together? What adventures and accolades would Rory achieve on the Obama campaign trail as she pushed to dizzying heights in her journalistic career. Would it be Team Logan or Team Jess that would finally capture her heart?? We waited for the stories to unfold and to see what was to become of our favourites.

Now for those that have watched you will understand the feeling of seeing some of these dreams realised and others dashed and some very strange and random plot lines included. I have sat with all of this for a few days and read a few reviews along the way. And I have come to the following conclusions that I wanted to share.

Firstly, this while a little disappointing, is probably more realistic. Yes, we saw Rory through Chiltern, through Yale and uphold her dreams. We were left with her heading into her promising future and of course we wanted her to succeed and become all that we knew she would be. But honestly, how many of us, really, have achieved the highs we thought possible at 16, at 21 and 25?? Really? I saw part of myself int he Rory (as I am sure most of us did). We wanted her to realise those dreams as she worked hard for them. Lorelei worked hard for them and we wanted the pay back. The glittering career and fulfilling life. As we all want that for ourselves. But really, do many of us reach that by our early 30s? Honestly? I know I'm still not there. Though not giving up, just changing tact and direction.

So it seems to me that we fell out of the clouds with a bump, when Rory didn't live up to our own hopes and dreams. We wanted it so much for her but so far, like many of us, it has just been out of her reach. So we regroup, we dream, we plan, we start again. Just like Rory will need to do as this next chapter unfolds for her.

While I wanted to wail and rally against the twists and turns in the plot lines that didn't bring us to where we wanted to be, I also realised that this was probably more what needed to be. What was more believable and had more truth for our favourite girls than most of the dreamed about stories. Lorelei finally got her Luke (it was Luke all along). Emily found herself in the depths of her grief and Rory completed the circle. Rory didn't have a huge moral compass when it came to love (though I am sure in her heart she never meant to hurt anyone). While it was sad and little harsh that she had yet to realise her dreams, honestly, how many of us have it all figured about by 32?

Am I disappointed, a little. Do I want more, of course. But upon reflection, is there where I could see it heading, actually yes. It makes Rory more real, more a reflection on who we really are then the perfect characters we wish to be.

So it is now, after the anticipation that we all pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and figure out the direction to head. Just a simple first step, followed by another and another, and so on. No matter how small or big those steps. No matter whether we take two forward and one back. We must and do move forward. With a song in our hearts, dreams in our heads and trail of glitter to show where we have come from. We must embrace that which makes us human and frail and fire ahead nonetheless.


PS Now what's with the random cameo appearances from past cast? One scene or perhaps one line only.  Really? And where has Mr Kim been hiding all this time?? There are many strange and unanswered thoughts to ponder for another day.


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