15 December 2013

My Christmas Wish List

As it is nearing Christmas (where has the time flown this year??) I thought it fitting to post my wish list for the season. Does your (dream) wish list look a little like mine?

So if you are still wondering what to get me, check out below. Any one of these would be a most welcome addition to under my tree this year.

Silver Sparkly Louboutins - Size 6 please

Michael Kors Large Tote and Matching wallet

Sparkly Walnut flats - any shade will do - Size 6

This lovely outfit for any summer brunch - size 8

Every girl needs a going out dress - size 8

Red velet bows on my shoes - yes please - size 6

Michael Kors velvet shoulder bag

A lovely vintage Fiat in Tiffany blue - yes!

Because every girl deserves Tiffany - Heart pendant and necklace


I hope your tree has a few of your wish list presents under it this year. Here's hoping one of the above makes it under mine.


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