25 March 2014

I'm Still Here….

Yes, i am still alive. Stop panicking and no need to send in the emergency services. I am still alive and very much still here. Just like everyone else I know, currently very busy.

Wow, where does over a month go? Just noticed my last post was mid February. Thanks to those that have stopped by, those that have missed me and hopefully those that are still there. (You are still there right??)

It's been a crazy time professionally and personally. With lots happening and lots to zap my energy. I sit here now thinking of all the things I could be doing and should be doing but it feels right to just get my thoughts down. 

The strain of trying to be everything to everyone is taking its toll. Girlfriend, Manager, Sister, Daughter, Cook, Friend…….. It's hectic and wonderful and I am grateful to have so many people in my life, but I feel like I'm missing me. Just who am I to me? And the eternal soul search to find time to be me.

Like many of my fellow bloggers (yes I still count myself as one) it is sometimes hard to remember why people stop by to read my blog and that over sharing can be as bad as not posting.

I think have done enough apologising for lack of posts and hope that everyone understands that at times things in life don't always go according to plan. 

So just to say I am here, I am ok and will get back to posting as I can.

My advice - Take Care of Yourself first or you will be no use to anyone!


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