29 May 2014

Blog and Personal Milestone

Woo Hoo! A little excited as I logged into the Blog today to see I have had 1,000 page views! yay! Thank you to everyone has has stopped pst to read a little or a lot of my journey. Like all Bloggers, I sit here writing my thoughts and sharing pieces of myself and wonder if anyone cares or who has tuned in. Such a great milestone to pass for me. So thank you!

And while I am talking milestones, there are only 5 more sleeps till i head off to the USA. So excited to see my first glimpses of this amazing nation. My man's son has been lucky enough to be picked as part of an under 15s baseball team that is participating in a tournament in South Carolina and we are tagging along. So we roll into Dallas, Texas for a few days, then onto Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the tournament. Then the team depart and we move align to Cleveland, Ohio to watch the beloved Indians play 7 home games, just in case we haven't seen enough baseball by then.

As you can tell it is a very sporty based trip for the boys, but I know I will fit in lots of sight seeing, shopping and food along the way. While it may not be my dream trip to New York with a unlimited shopping budget, it will be amazing to share the joys of travel with my two favourite men. And who passes up a chance to travel? Not me. With my word for this year being "Adventure" I am embracing the craziness of this trip and rolling with it. Time to see the real middle America and next time I'll do it the fashionista way.

So I am off now to finish (start) packing and getting organised.


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