18 September 2014

July & August - In Review

Wow, time flies when you let life get on top of you!! It felt like forever since I put fingers to the keyboard and shared a few thoughts. And logging in today I realise it has been. Where have the last 2 months gone????

Needless to say there are reasons (aren't there always?). A busy and crappy time with work led me down a self destructive path of grumpiness and generally feeling like I was a hopeless case who couldn't do anything right. Have you ever had your faith in yourself so shaken by one person and one incident that you begin to unravel and wonder if every great thing about yourself was just an illusion or worse a delusion? Have you ever sat back after hearing someone's feedback and thought what the hell am I doing? Well I did. Just after coming back from holidays accusations were thrown at me and it rocked me to my core. I started doubting my talents for anything and everything. From my job, my career and my general identity. And it sucked big time.

It has taken me the last 2 months to claw back some of my my natural passion and bubbly self to believe that I am a great person, with many great talents. It has been a long road and while I don't think I am completely healed (and may always have a chink of doubt about my abilities) I do feel that I can move on and put this behind me.

So on reflection July and August were months of doubt, anger and unfairness. But September has dawned brighter. With the returning of the sun I too have seen a return of my own brilliance and passion. Keeping optimistic that everything would work out, saw two wonderful events happen that have taken me away from the toxic environment and people and into a new space. Holding steady saw not only a great result from my efforts but a dose of karma for all involved. Remember this - what you give out you get back times three. So be careful.

So here is to moving on. To new adventures and new passions. Here's to Spring and life!!

Below is some of the other parts of the last few months for you all.

Homemade Smoked Salmon Scrolls

Homemade Meat Pies with Cheese - YUMMY!!!

The clouds from my balcony

A Beautiful Sunset

Chicken in White Wine and Mushroom Sauce - Homemade Tastebud Heaven

Relaxing on my balcony in the first rays of sun

My first ever snowball

A few hours spent being a kid on the toboggan slope

Final games of Winter Baseball

Amazing wedding dresses on display at Rippon Lea as part of the Love, Desire & Riches exhibition


A trip to Tasmania for work

Watching the fog roll in

Comfort food - Egg, bacon and cheese

Action shot at the part

Wishing everyone a happy September.


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