20 November 2014

September & October - Fly By in Photos

Why is it every time I feel like I get things under control and I get time to relax and reenergise it all suddenly goes pear shaped and back to being busy again? I feel like that has just happened all over again. After taking a few weeks off between jobs I felt like I had time to unwind physically and mentally. I had set myself some goals around relaxation time and activities. i was happy with the way I spent my time off (though it really didn't seem long enough). Then suddenly I look around and it has been 7 weeks since I started the new job and I am just as busy and stretched as i was before! Crazy. I am sure I am not alone and nor will I ever really change this feeling in any real way as something else will always take my energy, but it seems a little crazy.

So here it is nearly the end of November and I am getting around to showing you what September and October looked like. So take a peak inside the craziness that has been my last few months before we fall headlong into the festive season.

Playing with big tractors at mum's place 

Taking out the rubbish country style

Collecting wood with mum and my man

Relaxing on the balcony

Cookies & Collins

A few days with a great girlfriend and few dance movies

A day at home watching cars & boys

Tulip Festival with my mum

Country stay with a girlfriend

Picking home grown lemons

Enjoying the view of the vineyards at lunch

Watching the weather come in from the drivers seat

Another sunset from my balcony

Brunch with friends

Mmmm obsession with Channing Tatum as Magic Mike

Model David Gandy - Another obsession for the month

Homemade Blood Orange Cake for my first day in my new job

French Bulldogs - my other obsession. I so want one for Xmas!

Lunch in the city

Glasses ready for our guests at my first Pop Up Bar event

And Summer baseball is back.

Phew I feel tired just looking back on it all. Wonderful to have some time off and enjoy some simple things - food, family, friends, country air, books and movies! Then back to busy busy events and learning a new job.

Looking forward to Xmas and more time with family and friends.


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