29 November 2013

Another Quote & Thoughts on Happiness

In searching for a topic to post about today I came across this quote and thought that we should all live by this!

It's so true. It's about being brave and taking that step even if you don't know what's next or if it will work out. But to me, that's better than staying still, living in fear, wondering what if and ultimately being unhappy.

Your wilderness may be the bush, the big city or just another suburb. But reaching out and just taking hold of your possible future is really the only option.

For me I would rather take a risk and end up poor but happy than life a stagnant, boring, safe life and end up with money but be so unhappy that I can't ever enjoy it.

Some things in life don't have a 'right' answer or a safe option if your happiness is being compromised. Sometimes life puts obstacles or new adventures in your path and you have no choice. So why not embrace the new and unknown and just go for it? Yes, at times you need to have some form of sense and reality. (we can't just go buy a $1.5mil house if we can't get a loan or pay it back) But why not take on a $500k loan and live in place that feels like home. Who cares if you eat pasta for the first 12 months while you figure out how to pay it off? You are living the dream, you're together and you can make it work. 

You never really know things about yourself until you are out of your comfort zone. But if putting yourself out there helps you achieve a dream then its worthy he risk. Why live a life full of regrets, wishes or dreams if you are just too scared to try? Seriously what's the worst that can happen?

There is always a way to make it work. If you have your health, family and friends then you can make anything work. 

I say life is too short to be unhappy. Embrace life's challenges, aim high, leap with some part of plan and just give it a try!!!! You don't need a whole plan, just some common sense and a drive to make it work. What is the worst that cane happen?


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