13 January 2014

December Highlights

Welcome to another year!! Wo van believe that December has gone and we are already creeping towards the middle of January? 

Before I get into all things resolutions and goals for 2014, here's snapshot of December.

Like most people my holidays were filled with family, food and friends. I hope everyone had a happy safe holiday season and looking forward to a fabulous year!

Sunday mornings at Baseball

A sad day

The Christmas tree goes up first weekend of December

Seafood Curry Laksa - some strangely cold days 

Salmon parcels

Hanging out with the Bands at the Signing Tent getting donations

Meeting Carla Coulson at her book signing in Carlton

Pizza made the Napoli way

A perfect summer day

Summer sunset

The decor at the Carlton Club

Homemade Lemon Curd & Mango Curd for my Xmas Hampers

The tree later in the month

Summer clouds

An idea - stay tuned for more to come

Xmas hampers ready to be finished

Gingerbread men ready for the hampers

Ginger and peanut butter truffles

Xmas day on the road to Mum's for dinner

The old Toyota Truck at Mum's

One of the many Mexican treats on offer for New Years

Lime Creme's for dessert

Fireworks from the balcony

Happy New Year everyone.

Here's to an awesome 2014.


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