18 February 2014

Goals for 2014

Another year has begun and a new list of goals is ready to be implemented and achieved. a review from last years goals, left me feeling excited about how many things I had achieved and how many doors I opened.

This has put me in mind to make this year an even bigger year. I came across an idea a few weeks ago to pick one word for the year. After much thought I think that my word for 2014 will be - 

This year is all about adventure for me. I am looking at all my goals and I think the underlining theme this year is about experiences and adventures. Doing new things, opening my eyes to new worlds and meeting new people.

In reflection I think my word for last year was GROWTH. Last year was full off ups and downs, with some great wins that did take their toll on me. Though overall I say I am in a better place than previous but the gains have been hard won.

Let's see how I go with achieving my goals for this year.

  • Business - I am working on a little idea around food as a possible part time business. This year I want to continue to explore this idea including taking on relevant courses.
  • Family/Relationship - Continue working on my relationship including Date Night.
  • Home - Our plan is to purchase a home together this year. One we both like in an area that suits us both. 
  • Finance - This year is about saving cash for rainy days and important future plans.
  • Health - Exercise, eating better and being happy and proud of my body.
  • Life - Bringing adventure and experiences to my year - Travel, Events, Dinners, Friends, Special Occasions and capturing these moments
Looking forward to another great year. I promise myself to spend less time on the couch and more time experiencing life. Juggling this with time for work, family, friends and myself. Because you only have one life and now looks back and remembers the days they stayed on the couch!

What is on your list??


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