07 December 2014

Nov - A Month in Review

I nearly deleted this post a few times but thought what does it matter? You guys don't judge and there is a certain cathartic feeling of being able to share while holding some anonymity. So here goes….

This year is flying by. It seems that like everyone else, the older I get the faster the time goes past. I also realise more often how important it is to surround yourself with good people and do things that bring you happiness. Too much of the last 12 months have seen me stressed and upset. This time last year were joyous with news of me being pregnant. Though a  few short weeks later I had a miscarriage and things changed. I rode the tumultuous ups and downs in my job, took a wonderful break to the USA and came back to more craziness at work than one person should ever handle. Jumping out of that frying pan it feels I landed directly into the fire with my new role. Now the process of figuring out whether to get out or ride it out begins again. Phew. Bring on the end of the year and a new beginning I say.

But before I can do that there is the last few weeks of December to get through. I have some wonderful weekends planned. Tomorrow I am off to lunch with some lovely people connected to my last role. Next weekend we are doing holiday drinks with our friends at my place. I'm looking forward to cooking and sharing food with my nearest and dearest. The week after my Mum is over and we are doing Xmas early. I'm tossing up whether to go out for lunch or do a Xmas lunch at home. Then it is Xmas which will most probably spent with my man's family. Before we role into New Year's and 2015. Its the time of the year I enjoy the most as I get to nurture my closest friends and family by cooking and sharing great times with them all. It's homemade hampers again for Xmas so a few weeks of baking coming up.

So here's a look back at November as we slide ever closer to 2015.

Wise words. I feel like this year has been a test of my convictions. From great heights of joy to lows. I vow to live more in the moment and surround myself with people and activities that make me happy. Leaving behind those things that don't serve me any more.

Rainbows are always beautiful

Yep! Though I am trying.

Chicken Parma for Lunch.

Sunset from my balcony

Breakfast with my Man

Breakfast with my Mum 

My mum has been busy being crafty. She makes the cute Ooshka dolls to sell.

Oops tasty little gingerbread man

Bargain shopping at Camilla and Marc flash sale

Relaxing at the Baseball Park on a sunny Sunday morning

Mid week dinner and drinks with good friends

Sunset from my balcony

Obsessed with homemade ice-cream.

Hoping your December is shaping up to be fabulous.


PS A little blog milestone of 100 Posts! Woo Hoo!

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