01 September 2013

My Weekend

Thank you Melbourne. For the last day of Winter and start of Spring you have turned on the perfect weather. All this craving of amazing sunshine has come to fruition this weekend with most amazing weather.

So how did I celebrate? With breakfast, music and a good book on the balcony, all weekend! I kid you not. I did have dinner and movie with a girlfriend out Saturday night and managed to get some sleep. But the rest of this glorious weekend was spent soaking up the sun on the balcony.

Thank you Melbourne, mother nature and all magical beings for giving me the sun I have been craving!

I hope everyone else enjoyed a sunny piece of life this weekend.

Saturday Breakfast on my balcony



Bring on summer. So excited about the prospect of a holiday in the sun and and don't think I have ever been this impatitent for summer and long nights.


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