26 September 2013

Fiji Wrap Up

I am back from the wonderful land of Fiji. After a much needed break in the sun, a week at home and then a conference for work in Sydney I am back at home and back online. Hopefully you have all stayed with me and you enjoy some highlights of my trip below. 

WARNING: The following pictures may make you book a holiday in Fiji!

So from the start - I booked my holiday to Sonaisali Island Resort, Fiji. 6 lovely days and nights in the sun. I packed the suitcase full of lightweight clothes, swimsuits and 5 very thick novels to enjoy. I planned a week of reading, sleeping, eating, swimming and sun. And that is what I got. Everyday was dawned bright and warm. After breakfast I would wander along till i found a deckchair with a view I liked, and there iIwould stay until sunset or hunger dragged me back to the main part of the resort for food and further refreshments. The island offered many activities to keep you occupied but i chose to just keep reading! And I LOVED IT! A week of pure relaxation and submission into the world of fiction. Pure Bliss.

So for you I thought I would share some photo highlights along with my reading list.

Reading List for an Island Getaway
  1. The Wedding Bees, by Sarah-Kate Lynch
  2. The Pagoda Tree, by Claire Scobie
  3. Killer Queens, by Rebecca Chance
  4. Wicked Ambition, by Victoria Fox
  5. First Sight, by Danielle Steel

And when you look up from your book these are the views you want to see!!

I found the panorama function on my iPhone

The only slightly overcast day on my trip.

My piece of island paradise - and no one around for ages

A little taste of my trip to Fiji during the day. Stay tuned for some amazing sunset shots too.


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