08 September 2013

Fiji Here I Come

It's official, on Tuesday I will be jetting my way to a week in Fiji. I finally made decision and booked my holiday on Thursday. (Nothing like leaving it to the last minute). Found my passport, nearly finished packing my bag and I am ready to head off!!

I am swapping this

Melbourne Skyline from my Balcony

For This....

A week of blissful peace, quiet, sunshine and reading. The playlist is complete and new earphones have been purchased. The swimsuits have been packed long with 5 brand new books to read. I am looking forward to plenty of me time reading and soaking up the sun. Along with some snorkelling, cocktails, swimming and whatever else catches my eye. But I am not going alone. Meet my new travel companion....


Bumble and I are looking forward to a lovely relaxing holiday in the sun. As I will be away for a week transmission will resume (full of pictures, stories and more energy than lately) when I return.

Bula Bula


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