28 July 2013

Sunday Afternoon

My morning started in the gym, (OMG, Yes you did read that right) THE GYM!! I thought it was about time to visit the gym room since its downstairs and technically I am paying for it with some of the rent I am paying. So why not use it? It has only taken me 3 months to finally get there. A Gym Junkie I am not.

After an hour of exercise it was time to get ready for a family celebration - The Christening of my Nephew. It was wonderful to be a part of this special day in the life of my cute little nephew. Always nice to share in life momentous occasions.

He did seem to enjoy the present I gave him of a cuddle Winnie The Pooh Bear and DVD. Here's hoping to hours of peace and quiet for Mum and loads of cuddles for Pooh.

After a busy morning, my afternoon was a pleasant and relaxing few hours with the latest magazines. My favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Magazines, snacks and sunshine. My idea of Sunday heaven.

August Magazines

Then it was all eyes to the TV as I watched The Block Final for 2013. Well done to Alisa and Lysandra. But I am so glad that everyone made some cash this time. Especially Maddie & Jarrod who were adorable thanks to their cluelessness. Here's hoping they all put it to good use.

Now comes my big problem as to what do with all the hours a week I have spent watching The Block for the last couple of months? Big Brother is just crap and not worth the airtime, in my opinion, so I think it may be back to Apple TV and more America's Next Top Model!!!


PS sorry for the ho hum account of my day. Back to my theories on life, love and happiness tomorrow. :)

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