09 July 2013

Crushing on....

Do you ever get so obsessed with something that it's all you can think about? For an example a song, a dress, a culture or a food. I do. A lot. So I thought to help my obsession or to maybe even get me over my current obsessions I thought I would share them.

  • Food - Avocado and Feta Mash. Simple and oh so tasty. Just mash an avocado together with crumbled feta  Serve on toast, with tortilla chips, as a dish with poached eggs. Almost anywhere. Try adding extras like lemon juice, chopped tomatoes or fresh herbs. If you are in Melbourne head to Moulin Noir in Port Melbourne who do a mean version.
  • Movie - So I am going to cheat here and go with a franchise of AMAZING movies. Fast & The Furious. Absolutely obsessed with these. and there is a new one out, Fast & Furious 6. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker,  fast cars and non stop action. Do I need to say more? Looking forward to seeing it this week
  • Song - Oh so hard to pick one but going with my movie theme it would have to be We Own It by 2Chainz as part of the Fast & Furious 6 soundtrack. Loving tis track. Beats rock and the lyrics appeal to my current mood of just going for it. This has had a work out on my IPod this week.
  • Designer - Elie Saab. Loving the l Haute Couture Fall Winter 13-14 looks. The website background is actually the footage from the show. Check it out. 
  • Online Shopping - Way too many pretty pieces to be found at Temple & Webster. They showcase pop up sales that last a week with new ones daily from various designers and stores all in one place. Check it out, but be warned that it can be addictive and therefore expensive.
  • Blog - La Dolce Vita. Paloma has this unique take on interiors and fashion that i just love. The great things is that she also gives you options to recreate the looks complete with links to buy. I love her style and voice.

Just a few of my current obsessions. I hope you check them out and enjoy as much as I am currently.


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