02 July 2013

A Day Out

I work for an amazing organisation that gives us a day off each month to go and have fun and enjoy life. Running a little late I had my June day off yesterday. S and I decided it was time for a bit of adventure and change of scenery so I headed to the kitchen to cook up a storm for picnic lunch (I love cooking) and yesterday we packed the blanket and the food and headed off.

Our destination - Mt Macedon and surrounds. It was a fabulous day for a picnic with the fog and drizzle that was no where to be seen on Sunday descending the closer we got to the mountains. But since we were on the road and thankfully equipped with blankets, beanies and coats we trekked on through the fog.

A trek to the Memorial Cross proved that the fog was spread far and wide but still provided an amazing view and an epiphany of sorts surrounding the height and size of Christ the Redeemer in Rio (one of the monuments on My List of things to see). The fog did part for a little while to provide a few good photos.

Then it was onto Hanging Rock for our picnic feast. The feast included Herb Rubbed Lamb Cutlets with a yoghurt and mint dipping sauce. Garlic prawns with a salad of greens, tomato and mint. Avocado and Fetta Mash (my current favourite), brie cheese, dips, crackers, and olive bread rounded out the savouries. For sweets we had Chocolate cake with ganache and the star attraction Profiteroles with lemon curd filling! All made by me. There was enough to feed many more than just the two of us, but i hate to be hungry. The upside was that there were plenty of leftovers for dinner. (All Recipes from Delicious - Simply The Best & More Please by Valli Little).

The park was wonderful enough to provide a bonfire for ambiance and warmth. Thank you Park Ranger.

After our fill of amazing food we debated about trekking up the rock but the weather was turning nasty and we didn't want to be stuck half way when the rain came down  So we moved on from the park and headed for a new spot. A short drive away we found ourselves at Trentham Falls. S and I have a history of finding waterfalls on our travels and this one was another to add to our list of discoveries.

The combination of great food, awesome company and the peace and quiet of the bush did the trick. I am feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another a week. Thank you work for providing a chance for me to celebrate life with my man on this winters day.


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