23 July 2013

The week that was

Phew! What a crazy busy week it has been. I thought it would be fun to recap with some photos.

Bastille Day - View of City from Eureka 89 as part of my brunch with Mum.

Monday - Sunset from my balcony and a relaxing night after a busy weekend os shopping and girly treats with Mum.

Tuesday - Late night at Ludlow Bar in Southbank for a fundraising event for work. Tough crowd but managed to raise $6,500. Thank you everyone.

Wednesday - A sleepy me had an amazing dinner with a girlfriend at the recently opened Touche Hombre Electrica in South Yarra. If you love Mexican food, check it out! I can recommend the New Jack Cheese Fondue.

Thursday - Homemade mushroom and thyme pasta with Brie cheese and an early night after watching America's Next Top Model.

Friday - Thai food from Blossom Thai in Toorak Road and home to enjoy a lovely bottle of wine with dinner and a good girly catch up with girlfriend number 2 for the week.

Saturday - Snow falling in Martin St, Blackwood - Crazy cold weather for a catch up with some fundraisers at the awesome Blackwood Hotel. No ghosts on our adventure but the food was great and the fires roaring.

Sunday - Sunset from the balcony after a long week.

Sunday - Barley & Sweet Potato Warm Salad for Dinner on the couch with S and a movie on TV.

Monday - Dinner with S at home watching Hamish & Andy's Gap Year Asia. (A nice tradition that started a couple of months ago when it was all about Game of Thrones Season 3.)

Tuesday - Lights of the MCG for the Liverpool Soccer Club training session (S is there somewhere soaking up the atmosphere and watching his favourite team in action.)


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