01 October 2013

Fiji in Food

I shared my sunsets of Fiji before and looking through my photos I thought a journey of food was worth sharing.

I, like most people I know, love great food. The taste, the smell and the look. I am all for trying something new and testing my tastebuds. Especially so on holiday when you are already out of your comfort zone and you don't have to cook!

Here are some of the food highlights from my trip. (Apologies in advance for some of the lighting in the shots. All my own, sometimes poor, photography.)

Entree of Mussels in Red Curry sauce served with Mash Potato

Seafood Laksa - Fiji Style

Apple Tart with Vanilla Icecream

Indian Buffet

Vegetarian Pizza

Tapas (from left) - Lamb and Mint rolls, Spinach and Fetta pastries & Fishacakes with homemade chilli sauce

Tapas - Sweet Chilli Prawns

Basil & Fetta Risotto - Tapas Style

Chicken Burger

Salmon Fillet with Balsamic Glaze and Noodles

And I had plenty of fresh fruit for breakfast.

While I never left the resort the whole time I was there, I did not suffer at all in the food stakes with 5 options for restaurants/menus for dinner each night and an amazing breakfast buffet. I certainly didn't go hungry or ending up eating the same meal more than once. Didn't help me lose any weight but did keep me happy.


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