21 October 2013

Ramblings & Blog Links

Apologies for the silence recently. Work seems to have a funny way of taking over and by the time I have gotten home recently the last thing I feel like doing is jumping back on to a computer since that is where I spend my day for work.

But this got me thinking and reading about Blogs and why I chose to start this one. Most Blogs sit idle within a few months of being started and according to some study this seems to be due a lack of passion for the topic chosen to blog about.

Another interesting fact is that it is said that you should pick a niche, a particular subject that you are passionate about to blog about rather than being a generalist. This way your readers get to know what to expect and those passionate about your particular subject will find you and follow you. While this makes sense to me on one hand, I find my self in a quandary as to what particular thing should I focus on? Should I pick something? I my blog pointless if I just cover the random things I love and the concept of celebrating life whenever possible each day?

I started this blog as a way to voice my (many) thoughts and share the things that I love. I like the idea of leaving a virtual and visual diary for family and friends and complete strangers. I also like the idea of having somewhere to write. I have always enjoyed writing and whenever I am called upon to share an update of an event for work I like to tell a story and set the scene. 

Which brings me back to the concept of this blog. I love so many things and in this technological age there are so many more things to see and experience then ever before. This is my space to record and share some of those things. And hopefully along the way, i find a few like minded friends who wish to share the journey along the way.

Is it ok for me to share all the things I love or do I need a direction? Do people want to read about food, fashion, life, happiness and ramblings in one place or are they only looking for blogs that contain a particular interest?

I have taken much inspiration from fellow bloggers and admittedly most of them have a particular focus to their blog. So in the honour of sharing the love (and inspiration  here are some of my favourite blogs to read. (In no particular order)

Food Blogs
Half Baked Harvest
How Sweet It Is
Take a Megabite
What Katie Ate

Interiors & Design
The Decorista
La Dolce Vita

Carla Loves Photography
French Essence - Also great for anything French and ponderings on life

There are many others that I read daily and I look forward to sharing these with you in time.

Another favourite things for bloggers to do is introduce a series of posts on a particular day of the week or month - ie recipes on Tasty Tuesday, Links Sharing, Crushing On etc etc. This sounds wonderful in theory and I look forward to getting to the stage where I can schedule posts and create a few series of my own. I am thinking Recipes, Sunsets ( of course), Travel, Fashion, and Thoughts on Happiness to start. So here goes...

More regular and consistent posts on the way.


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