02 October 2013

From Food to Drinks

What Island holiday is complete with a long cool cocktail? None that I want to go on anyway. While I had a great time sampling the food in Fiji I also had fun working my way through the extensive cocktail menu as well. Wanted to share a few of the tasty creations with you from my week in the sun.

Everyones' Beach Favourite - Pina Colada

Keeping me hydrated between cocktails - Fiji Water

My old school favourite - Midori & Lemonade

My new favourite - Absolut Mandarin Ruby

Midori Splice

Made cool again by Sex and The City - The Cosmopolitan

And there you go. The last of my Fiji holiday updates. From the picturesque views from my deck chair each day, sunsets galore, food and drinks and my reading list, you have a capsule of my most relaxing 6 days in the sun. I highly recommend a tranquil solo break to anyone suffering from the stress that comes with our current need to be plugged in and switched on all the time. And if you are looking fora wonderful place to stay where the staff a friendly, the weather perfect and the quality great, check out Sonaisali Island Resort in Fiji.


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