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The 15th Deni Ute Muster

I am back after a crazy weekend at the 15th Deni Ute Muster. Held of course, in Deniliquin, NSW. What a crazy weekend of utes, cars, car enthusiasts, sun, dust and country hospitality.

Over 20,000 people, over 15,000 cars, utes and caravans. 9 bands, 500 portable toilets, 100 portable showers and 4,00 people in blue singlets (Going for a Guinness World Record Attempt). At least 50,000 cans drunk, 10,000 dagwood dogs eaten and 15,000 coffees poured and drunk. It was a long, sunny and busy 2 days!

Firstly thanks must go out to our hosts for the weekend for such a great stay and for getting access to the event from a fundraising capacity in the first place. While everyone else was enjoying the onsite facilities we had access to hot showers, warm beds and amazing food. Thanks Shane and Roxy! You guys rocked!

To those with no idea what I am talking about - a Ute Muster is like a fashion parade for utes. They line up all polished and pretty for judging. Then they get out on the track for some circle work and engine revving. It's all muscle and grunt.

But it is not all about the cars. There is an amazing array of artists who round out the event with concerts. This year's line up included the Sunny Cowgirls, Grinspoon, Kasey Chambers and Alan Jackson. There is also the many market stalls selling all things for your car, and life in the country.

Competitions, raffles and ferris wheels rounded out the event experience. That's where we came in with our fundraising activities focused on our Coin Toss. Stand behind the line and toss a coin into the tin on the back of the ute and get a ticket in the draw. Who knew people were so competitive? 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and helped us raise an amazing $4,500 over the weekend.

It wasn't all work for me, with my brother attending the event for the 6th time, I made sure I had some time to catch up with him. A memorable couple of hours spent int he Family Camp section with him Saturday night. (We kept away from the 'Feral' section where everyone camped in swags and partied till the sun came up.)

Here are a few snaps from the Friday (as we were too busy on Saturday to take pictures).

The Main Stage - Thursday Night before the crowds

The Camp Quality Yellow Ute - Ready for Coin Toss contestants

Stand behind the line and toss your coin in the bucket

Lightning McQueen made a special appearance

Lightning looking bright and shiny - before the wind and dust settled

The giant Kangaroos that roved around the site all weekend added to the entertainment

It's a shame I didn't get time to make it onto the Ferris Wheel for a birds eye view of the arena. Looking forward to seeing the official photos and hearing just how many people were there.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it a great weekend. Who knows. we may be back again next year!

And to leave you - sunset over Deniliquin Ute Muster Site.



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