11 August 2013

Food, Make Up and Shopping

It's been a busy last part of the week. With work unveiling a piece of art that we created as part of a team bonding with Mind Gallery last month, a new team bonding experience with dinner and a make up class at Mecca Cosmetica in the city and then drinks and mexican snacks with some of the girls at my place as part of the Dine at Mine Fundraising campaign for Camp Quality! Phew and that was just Thursday and Friday!
Leftovers from my Mexican feast. Homemade Salsa and Guacmole. Yummy.

So Saturday was spent with a spot of shopping and then relaxing in the glorious sun on my balcony with some mexican leftovers. Today it was off to my new favourite hang out Two Birds One Stone. Love, love, love their menu and can't wait to work my way through it. Certainly worth the wait. I can see the next few weekends spent lazing around this busy but laid back place.

Summer in training. I can't wait!

Two Birds Breakfast Special. 

It's an early night for me and I will leave you with this thought....


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