04 August 2013


Where does the weekend go? It seems that Sunday night rolls around very quickly no matter what I am up too. I wonder how i get one of those jobs where you work 3 or 4 days and have 3 or 4 off to live life? (And still have enough money to experience life!)

Talking of experiencing life - I came across one of my favourite quotes again today. It goes a little something like this - "I don't want to just exist, I want to live." (Author unknown, to me)

This to me is about experiencing life and getting out there and doing things rather than just cruising along and letting life's opportunities pass you by. To me, this is the true essence of me and how I feel. I want to LIVE. I want experiences, passion, highs and lows. Life is for living not just existing. 

So in the spirit of living, I have added to my Goals list as part of my Happiness Project this weekend. Number 6. on my list -  12 new experiences.

I've started my list of some of the experiences I want to have.

  1. Ride and elephant - preferably in some tropical setting. Thailand rather than Africa but I am open to this one however it happens.
  2. Visit the snow - Yes I am 33 and never been to the snow
  3. See a fashion show
  4. Helicopter ride
  5. Degustation dinner - 12 courses with matching wine
  6. Cooking class - something fabulous 
  7. Diving - snorkelling or diving or something in clear blue waters
  8. Rock climbing - Indoor or out. I'm open to the possibilities

That's so far anyway. Gotta start somewhere and I think these are a good start for now. I feel like there are so many amazing things out there to do and narrowing it down is rather hard.

One of my two favourite authors - Lewis Carroll & the other being Dr Seuss


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