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Sunday Afternoon

My morning started in the gym, (OMG, Yes you did read that right) THE GYM!! I thought it was about time to visit the gym room since its downstairs and technically I am paying for it with some of the rent I am paying. So why not use it? It has only taken me 3 months to finally get there. A Gym Junkie I am not. After an hour of exercise it was time to get ready for a family celebration - The Christening of my Nephew. It was wonderful to be a part of this special day in the life of my cute little nephew. Always nice to share in life momentous occasions. He did seem to enjoy the present I gave him of a cuddle Winnie The Pooh Bear and DVD. Here's hoping to hours of peace and quiet for Mum and loads of cuddles for Pooh. After a busy morning, my afternoon was a pleasant and relaxing few hours with the latest magazines. My favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Magazines, snacks and sunshine. My idea of Sunday heaven. August Magazines Then it was all eyes to the TV as I w

You Only Have One Life - Soundtrack

So like all things in my life, I like to do it with style and possibly go a little over the top. (Me?? Reallly???) Well I have come up with a Playlist or Soundtrack for my concept behind this blog. You can check it out here at Spotify .  These are the (current) Top 10 Tracks I am loving and also those that I think fit my concept for this Blog - One Sparkly (dancing) Life . I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Check it out and let me know what you think. Do you like them? Can you suggest any further tracks I should add? What's your favourite track that just encompasses your current mood or thoughts around only have One Life? Looking forward to finding out. xxx PS I could leave without a picture, so here is tonight's sunset from, nowhere else but, my balcony. Beautiful!

It's all about the UK

It seems in Australia (and possibly the world) it's all about the UK this week. With the royal baby finally making his way into the world and closer to home the Liverpool Football Club making their way to Melbourne for the first time ever. Today London may have been a sea of blue for Baby Cambridge, but Melbourne turned on a sea of Red with Liverpool fans from all corners of the world joining together to see the Reds face the Melbourne Victory at the MCG tonight.  Liverpool fans at the MCG Sing You'll Never Walk Alone - Image 101 Great Goals  (Check out the video of the song too) While S is enjoying the game from his seat in the stands, (Happy Birthday Honey) I get to watch on TV and see the lights from the balcony. The MCG as seen from my balcony. Go Reds. Though I love Victory you just can't go past Liverpool. xx


As a girly girl I love shoes, champagne and handbags and fashion and plenty more. But I wanted to share a few handbags I am currently loving. Miu Miu Bag  - Image Making Magique The Hermes Birkin. Bliss Loving the pop of neon Another pop of neon My current favourite pop of neon yellow. Am trying to find my own before winter ends. As you can see my current style crush is a more structured tote. One day I will own a Birkin. Wonder what colour I will choose? A black or tan that will go with everything or something a little more special that shows off my fabulous purchase? I am in handbag heaven with these beauties. Can't wait to find my own slice of perfection. I feel a shopping weekend coming on! xxx

Happiness Project Update

I find the way I work is to devour heaps of information, process it, dream about it and let my thoughts ramble away. At some stage in the not too distant future these ramblings turn to coherent thoughts (hopefully) and work themselves into something usable. Well this has been the process in thinking about my own Happiness Project. While I reluctant to take on a year long specific project like Gretchen did in her Happiness Project Book (I never finish anything anyway, and don't want to disappoint myself), I do want to set myself some goals, tasks and thoughts to sit alongside my current yearly goals. Here are a few things I want to remember to do that I feel will boost my happiness. Get more Vitamin D - take a walk, sit outside or just feel a bit of sunshine every week Unplug & Turn off -  since  I got my  iPhone  last year I have been glued to it. Same with the new Mac and the Apple TV. While I love the  convenience  of having the world at my fingertips, I need t

Today's Quote

I saw this one today and thought it was a great one to add to my Happiness Project thoughts. Here's to me learning to dance! xx

The week that was

Phew! What a crazy busy week it has been. I thought it would be fun to recap with some photos. Bastille Day - View of City from Eureka 89 as part of my brunch with Mum. Monday - Sunset from my balcony and a relaxing night after a busy weekend os shopping and girly treats with Mum. Tuesday - Late night at Ludlow Bar in Southbank for a fundraising event for work. Tough crowd but managed to raise $6,500. Thank you everyone. Wednesday - A sleepy me had an amazing dinner with a girlfriend at the recently opened Touche Hombre Electrica  in South Yarra. If you love Mexican food, check it out! I can recommend the New Jack Cheese Fondue. Thursday - Homemade mushroom and thyme pasta with Brie cheese and an early night after watching America's Next Top Model. Friday - Thai food from Blossom Thai in Toorak Road and home to enjoy a lovely bottle of wine with dinner and a good girly catch up with girlfriend number 2 for the week. Saturday - Snow falling in M

What a Week

Just a short note to say usual transmission will resume shortly. This week has been a busy one with my Mum, work events, dinner with a girlfriend, Rugby and another few dinners before an event on Saturday still to go. Phew I am exhausted already and I am just over half way through. I have been loving the time with family and friends and catching up on life with great food and wine! My idea of heaven. So here are a few lovely pics for today of things that have sparked some interest for me. Hope you enjoy. xxx


Tonight's cloudy sunset.

Bastille Day

As part of my weekend with Mum we thought we would celebrate Bastille Day in style. So we headed to Eureka 89 for their Bastille Day Brunch. The Golden Bees on the Front of The Eureka Tower We entered via the red carpet and were escorted to the lift and up to the amazing 89th floor to be presented with glasses of Laurent Perrier Champagne a wonderful ambience and an amazing view. Views over Fed Square As mum and I mingled with our fellow diners we all had fun trying to find our houses and spotting familiar landmarks. Some easier to find then others. The building I live in can be seen below. Look for the tall black building in the middle distance. That's me! Views over The Botanical Gardens towards South Yarra Before we got too dizzy from the view and the champagne (at 10am and on an empty stomach) we were escorted into the dining the room where we were serenaded by an amazing french duo as we took our seats. Our Beautiful Table Setting What followe


A beautiful sparkly sunset for a Friday.


This blog is called One Sparkly Life so it is about time I showcased some sparkles. Handbag Chanel Dress Sparkles is not just for your fashion. Check out this kitchen. Vogue Living And our built environment London Eye Winter at St Petersburg, Russia And a tables setting. I can just imagine my favourite friends around this table all enjoying a drink and laugh after an amazing meal. A little sparkle to get you through to the weekend. Talking of weekends. My mum is visit this weekend. It's all about girly pursuits for us - dinner out (We are going Mexican first), then hair appointments, lots of shopping, Brunch at the top of the Eureka Tower on Sunday to celebrate Bastille Day, and lots of food and gossip. I look forward to sharing some of it with you. xxx


Sunset tonight


I have been giving a lot of thought to the concept of style and Signature Styles. I think there are certain people who seem to have been born with innate style, other who acquire it over time, some who achieve it with money and others who never get there. But I also think there is the concept around your signature style - maybe its 50's housewife, punk rock, or just jeans and a t-shirt. I think we gravitate to certain looks and sometimes over time these develop into our own unique style.  Check out this post by Vicki Archer .  I got me thinking about what my Signature Style would be. I know my current favourite brand is Cue and my wardrobe is certainly full of their amazing dresses but what does that relate to in forms of a particular style? I would say 50's glam or just girly. But this year I have decided to define my style by name and refine it so it is uniquely me. Look from Cue Before that I thought I would share some of my favourite looks.