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June a month in review

Let's get this out up front - I LOVE travel! Whether it be exploring off the beaten track locally or taking on a big overseas trip. I love it. I love exploring new cultures and the history that so many other places have that Australia just doesn't provide. In Australia we are a multi cultural society, we a surrounded by many cultures and beliefs everyday, but i feel we do not have a true identity of our own, rather than a mixture of those that have made this great country. Unlike European countries that have centuries of history, culture and architecture. I have always geared to learn more and discover more. So any time spent travelling is a wonderful time for me. June was an exciting month as me and the man and his little man took ourselves across to the USA. While the main point of the trip was Baseball (a under 15s junior tournament that the little man was lucky to get accepted into) I still managed to find sometime to soak in the culture of middle America and thoroughly