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40 Regrets You Don't Want

I came across this post on Marc and Angel Hack Life  about the 40 Regrets you don't want to have when you are 40 and I just had to share. I hope that you enjoy reading them and take notice. Combination of amazing, common sense and light bulb moments of reading. Enjoy. See original post here . Spending too little time with the right people.  – Sooner or later, you just want to be around the people who make you smile.  So today, spend time with those who help you love yourself more.  And remember, the people you take for granted today may be the only ones you need tomorrow.  Never be too busy to make time for those who matter most. Not making your loved ones smile more often.  – The most beautiful thing is to see a person you love smile, and even more beautiful is knowing that you are the reason behind it. Not saying what you need to say.  – Speak up.  Don’t hide your thoughts and feelings, especially when you can make a difference.  Be brave.  Say what needs to be said.  If yo


Had to share this beautiful sunset from my balcony. Loving these last weeks of summer-ish weather. Will miss it when it's gone. xx

Quote of the Day

Loving this one. xx


Sunset from the balcony. I love Melbourne. xx

Things I'm Loving

Some images that I am loving currently that I wanted to share. This is so me at the moment! My Mantra for the next few weeks. Something about this look and use of space appeals to me. Who doesn't love cake with cute bees on it? A vintage inspired kitchen Love this look - chic and business like and still girly Still loving a messy up do Wonder where I can buy these?? A vintage inspired look A vintage caravan (Noticing a theme??) A candlelit evening. Looks truly decadent. Yep!! Love this thought. How cute and thoughtful is little kit? I can just imagine giving this to a sick friend this winter. Just a few things catching my eye recently. xx

February - A Month In Review

A look back at the month that was February. Homemade Egg and Bacon Mini Pies The most amazing homed chocolate cake - less a cake and more a mousse Another batch of homemade salsa Sunset Burgers from Hello Sam , South Yarra Friday Night Lights Steak with homemade Bernaise sauce - YUMMY! Pub Steak with Mushroom Sauce In the distance smoke from bush fires at Gisborne Valentine's Day Lunar New Year Mmmmmmm!! Homemade Ice Cream I hope your February was your own kind of awesome. (Seems like February was Domestic Goddess month.) xx

I'm Still Here….

Yes, i am still alive. Stop panicking and no need to send in the emergency services. I am still alive and very much still here. Just like everyone else I know, currently very busy. Wow, where does over a month go? Just noticed my last post was mid February. Thanks to those that have stopped by, those that have missed me and hopefully those that are still there. (You are still there right??) It's been a crazy time professionally and personally. With lots happening and lots to zap my energy. I sit here now thinking of all the things I could be doing and should be doing but it feels right to just get my thoughts down.  The strain of trying to be everything to everyone is taking its toll. Girlfriend, Manager, Sister, Daughter, Cook, Friend…….. It's hectic and wonderful and I am grateful to have so many people in my life, but I feel like I'm missing me. Just who am I to me? And the eternal soul search to find time to be me. Like many of my fellow blog