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2013 - A Year of Goals in Review

I have always been one for setting goals and dreams and targets but it has only been over the last few years that I have solidified these and made a more permanent reminder of the things I want to achieve by setting actual written goals. It's been great having a friend share the passion for achieving things with me and keep me on track. While she doesn't necessarily help me achieve every goal, her unswerving support has certainly kept me on track and most importantly made me accountable for every one I put on paper.  2013 was a big year for me. Lots of ups and downs. I set me goals back in February and felt like I only really looked at them again in July. So it was a great surprise to me that when I looked at them again in December that I realised I had nearly ticked them all off. I believe this is the power of the subconscious and that I had set such important goals that I was working towards them every day without even really thinking about them. Write it down, make it

A Year in Review

A look back at the year that was. A snapshot from each month January     Staying Home - Relaxing and Baking February Eating Out - Camp out with friends and Valentine's Picnic   March Summer Events - Music Festivals and Beaches April Dreams - Believing and moving house May   Wonder - Wonderland Events & Autumn Leaves June Staying In - Watching the weather and Kitchen disasters July Family - Picnic Day & Bastille August Relaxing - Balcony & Brunch September Travel - Fiji and Sydney October Fundraising Events - Deni Ute Muster & Walk to Cure Diabetes November Travel - Travel Food & Wineries December Dreams and Resolutions How did your year shape up? Could you pick just two photos to sum up each month? xxx

December Highlights

Welcome to another year!! Wo van believe that December has gone and we are already creeping towards the middle of January?  Before I get into all things resolutions and goals for 2014, here's snapshot of December. Like most people my holidays were filled with family, food and friends. I hope everyone had a happy safe holiday season and looking forward to a fabulous year! Sunday mornings at Baseball A sad day The Christmas tree goes up first weekend of December Seafood Curry Laksa - some strangely cold days  Salmon parcels Hanging out with the Bands at the Signing Tent getting donations Meeting Carla Coulson at her book signing in Carlton Pizza made the Napoli way A perfect summer day Summer sunset The decor at the Carlton Club Homemade Lemon Curd & Mango Curd for my Xmas Hampers The tree later in the month Summer clouds An idea - stay tuned for more to come Xmas hampers ready to be finished