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Country Fresh Air

A belated Happy Birthday to me and a Happy Easter to everyone.  My Birthday dessert - Chocolate pudding with salted caramel and raspberry sorbet Lamb with asparagus - AMAZING Crispy Pork Beetroot Cured Salmon All pictures my own. Food courtesy of Morris Jones - Chapel Street , indsor. After celebrating in style with some close friends over amazing food and champagne at my new favourite haunt - Morris Jones - it was off to the country to visit mum for some much needed fresh air and peace. I wanted to share a few shots of my wonderful trip here. Hope you found your own little piece of quiet over the weekend. (And easter bunny didn't get lost on the way to you.) xxx

Today's Quote

Following on from my last post about birthdays being special, i thought this was a great quote for everyday. xxx

Ramblings and Observations for an Upcoming Birthday

It's coming up to a year since moved house back into an area that I feel more represents who I am, who I want to be and the things in life I like and want. It is also coming up to another Birthday and like almost every year in the last 5 or so years, I ponder a little and spend some time reflecting.  Like most people, I do the goal setting and looking back on my achievements around New Year but I also seem to do a lot of self reflection around my birthday. I think it is has something to do with being another year older. While New Year is a chance for new beginnings and new habits, my Birthday brings along a reminder that I am not quite where I want to be in life yet. I bit of slap in the face some times as to the dreams and hopes i have and the distance I still have to go to achieve them. I hate to utter the words life crisis but the melancholy i approach my impending special day with lately seems to fit in this category. Gone a the times when I looked forward to celebratin