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November Highlights

I am so excited to get December and the Christmas season underway that I thought I would do a recap of November a day early.  So here are some further pics to the adventures I had in November. Love this dress - Can imagine wearing this in summer Sunset from my balcony Baseball season is back. Go Pirates Surprise trip to mums - always need travel food Off on a quad bike adventure at mums Another beautiful sunset from my balcony - this one reflecting off the new building down the street Another dress I love the look of. Cam imagine this for parties in summer E arly Xmas presents for mum Homemade Orzo salad with the addition of fresh tomato - yummy Baseball and country picnic food - Gluten free chocolate cupcakes and egg and bacon pies On our way King Valley The amazing view at Dal Zotto winery in King Valley where we enjoyed amazing food and drinks while listening to great live music in the sun.   Sunset on our wa

Another Quote & Thoughts on Happiness

In searching for a topic to post about today I came across this quote and thought that we should all live by this! It's so true. It's about being brave and taking that step even if you don't know what's next or if it will work out. But to me, that's better than staying still, living in fear, wondering what if and ultimately being unhappy. Your wilderness may be the bush, the big city or just another suburb. But reaching out and just taking hold of your possible future is really the only option. For me I would rather take a risk and end up poor but happy than life a stagnant, boring, safe life and end up with money but be so unhappy that I can't ever enjoy it. Some things in life don't have a 'right' answer or a safe option if your happiness is being compromised. Sometimes life puts obstacles or new adventures in your path and you have no choice. So why not embrace the new and unknown and just go for it? Yes, at times you need to have some

Recent Adventures

A busy month has seen me having lots of wonderful big and small adventures. A thought a little recap would hopefully explain my rather spasmodic posting of late! Its Baseball season again so Sunday morning are spent following the Under 14s team around. Impromptu visit to Mum's meant travel food on the way One of the many stunning views from Mum's place Almost summer nights on the balcony with drinks Cruise for Charity fund-raising event in Warragul  ' Trip to King Valley region for scenic drive and some fabulous wine, food and music Then it was off to the French Festival with Mum for an french experience complete with cake shaped like the characters from Ratatouille It's been a busy few weeks! Bring on summer holidays and a few weeks off. xxx

Today's Quote

Saw this quote today and it just summed up how I feel. Hope everyone is off having awesome adventures like I have. xx

Matching Shoes with your outfit

I have a thing for collecting images of things that catch my eye especially int eh fashion world. I thought it would be fun to match up some of my favourite current looks with some shoes I am loving. (please note that any fashion mistakes are my own) A pop of neon with  An over the top ruffle Review - Elegance with Louboutin magic Girly flare teamed with A pop of sparkles from Milk & Honey Shoes Review - Understated blue with Luscious stripes from Milk & Honey Shoes What do you think? Do I pass fashion school for this week? Would you wear any of these combinations? xxx

Wise words

Saw this on Facebook recently and had to share. Enjoy xxx

The Month That Was …. October

Another month gone. Goodbye October and hello November. Where is the year going? A look back over my photos made me realise it was a busy month! Here is a picture tour through my October. What did you get up too? Sunset from my balcony Fundraising at the Deni Ute Muster Amazing food cooked by new friends The Big Strawberry on the way back from Deniliquin Outfit from Witchery that I love The ever changing weather in Melbourne Beautiful colours of sunset Table centrepiece candy bar at a fundraising lunch Fundraising Dessert Another look I would love to own My favourite tomato, feta and herb salad  The outdoor room I saw as part of an Open Garden event raising funds for the National Gallery of Victoria Crazy sideways rain   The much anticipated Zumbo patisserie just round the corner from my place Another fundraising event - Walk to Cure Diabetes - around Albert Park Lake This is me - running around 3 mornin