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It's Never Too Late

I have had many posts running through my head all month and can't seem to focus long enough to get any of them out and onto the screen. And today I read a blog post by LittleGreyBox on c hasing your dreams and it just clicked with me. There is no deadline and no real life threatening issues that are holding me back from doing the things i really want.  Take this blog for example - There is nothing that says I have to post every day or every week to make this a success. While in my head I know that at least semi regular posts will keep you interested, the truth is that it is my self imposed 'rules' that are making me agitated and anxious. I do lie awake and stress about my lack of posts. I have little notes around my desk on post ideas and a draft post schedule just waiting for me to commit too. So today I realised it's ok. While it would make sense to keep my posts regular and on a particular theme its ok if they aren't. It's my blog, my voice and my own way

Dec in Review

Happy New Year! Here's hoping you all had a fabulous start to 2015 and said goodbye to last year in a way that made sense to you. Before the posts about reviewing goals and and making new ones, I thought I would squeeze in a review of what my December looked it. Or at leaf the part that ended up in photos. A snapshot of the month that that was for you. Inspiration - Blanc de Blanc - White Dinner in Paris The Xmas Tree this year Summer sunsets on the balcony Homemade Honeycomb & Chocolate IceCream The drinks table at our holiday drinks Brunch - my favourite meal of the day Xmas baking - Choc & Cranberry Panforte Nan's recipe Lemon Curd Quick & Easy Raspberry Jam The finished gingerbread people ready for Xmas Xmas hampers for 2014 Fruit Mince pies The post Xmas lunch food coma Discovering Nan's original UK recipes The last sunset of 2014 Happy New Year from the balcony. I