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Merry Christmas

Just a short one to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year. Like everyone else I am busy with last minute shopping, wrapping and cooking before seeing family. Look forward to updating you after the celebrations. (Stay tuned for a recap on 2013 Goals and the setting of new ones for 2014. Take care. My xmas tress with some of the presents xxx

My Christmas Wish List

As it is nearing Christmas (where has the time flown this year??) I thought it fitting to post my wish list for the season. Does your (dream) wish list look a little like mine? So if you are still wondering what to get me, check out below. Any one of these would be a most welcome addition to under my tree this year. Silver Sparkly Louboutins - Size 6 please Michael Kors Large Tote and Matching wallet Sparkly Walnut flats - any shade will do - Size 6 This lovely outfit for any summer brunch - size 8 Every girl needs a going out dress - size 8 Red velet bows on my shoes - yes please - size 6 Michael Kors velvet shoulder bag A lovely vintage Fiat in Tiffany blue - yes! Because every girl deserves Tiffany - Heart pendant and necklace Beautiful! I hope your tree has a few of your wish list presents under it this year. Here's hoping one of the above makes it under mine. xxx

A Sad Day...

Yesterday Social Media was full of the sad news that Paul Walker, actor from my favourite movies Fast & Furious died in a car crash. While I never knew him, as a fan it saddens me to lose someone with so much talent. My heart goes out to his family and friends. It seems so senseless. I hope that he lived everyday to the fullest and realised how much he added to the world. From his movies to his charity work, he certainly made a difference to the world. So to you Paul, a shining star now in heaven. Thank you for all your shared with the world. xxx