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Sunset - Sydney

I was lucky enough last week to spend 3 days in Sydney with the rest of my Fundraising Management Team at a conference. It was great to finally put faces to names and voices that I have been chatting yo and working with for the last 12 months. Loads of information, great ideas and networking. Such an inspiring bunch. We worked out between us 20 individuals we have 138 years experience in Fundraising! Amazing. No wonder we are going great guns! On Tuesday night after a massive day were were treated to an amazing sunset cruise with dinner and drinks on the Harbour. (Thank you Barter Card for your loyalty points system for the free trip!) I managed to get some great shots of the sunset over iconic Sydney. The Opera House The Sydney Harbour Bridge Thank you Sydney for the most amazing weather! xxx

Fiji - Sunsets

There were some amazing sunsets (as you can imagine) that I captured while in Fiji and I want to share them with you.  My trip was 6 nights so here are my favourite sunset shots from each night. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 And a bonus....... Sunrise on my last day - the only day I managed to get up before the sun. Beautiful. (What else do you need to say??) xxx

Fiji Wrap Up

I am back from the wonderful land of Fiji. After a much needed break in the sun, a week at home and then a conference for work in Sydney I am back at home and back online. Hopefully you have all stayed with me and you enjoy some highlights of my trip below.  WARNING: The following pictures may make you book a holiday in Fiji! So from the start - I booked my holiday to Sonaisali Island Resort , Fiji. 6 lovely days and nights in the sun. I packed the suitcase full of lightweight clothes, swimsuits and 5 very thick novels to enjoy. I planned a week of reading, sleeping, eating, swimming and sun. And that is what I got. Everyday was dawned bright and warm. After breakfast I would wander along till i found a deckchair with a view I liked, and there iIwould stay until sunset or hunger dragged me back to the main part of the resort for food and further refreshments. The island offered many activities to keep you occupied but i chose to just keep reading! And I LOVED IT! A week of pure rel

Fiji Here I Come

It's official, on Tuesday I will be jetting my way to a week in Fiji. I finally made decision and booked my holiday on Thursday. (Nothing like leaving it to the last minute). Found my passport, nearly finished packing my bag and I am ready to head off!! I am swapping this Melbourne Skyline from my Balcony For This.... Sonaisali Island Resort , Fiji A week of blissful peace, quiet, sunshine and reading. The playlist is complete and new earphones have been purchased. The swimsuits have been packed long with 5 brand new books to read. I am looking forward to plenty of me time reading and soaking up the sun. Along with some snorkelling, cocktails, swimming and whatever else catches my eye.  But I am not going alone. Meet my new travel companion.... Bumble. Bumble and I are looking forward to a lovely relaxing holiday in the sun. As I will be away for a week transmission will resume (full of pictures, stories and more energy than lately) when I return. Bula

My Weekend

Thank you Melbourne. For the last day of Winter and start of Spring you have turned on the perfect weather. All this craving of amazing sunshine has come to fruition this weekend with most amazing weather. So how did I celebrate? With breakfast, music and a good book on the balcony, all weekend! I kid you not. I did have dinner and movie with a girlfriend out Saturday night and managed to get some sleep. But the rest of this glorious weekend was spent soaking up the sun on the balcony. Thank you Melbourne, mother nature and all magical beings for giving me the sun I have been craving! I hope everyone else enjoyed a sunny piece of life this weekend. Saturday Breakfast on my balcony Sunset Sunday Bring on summer. So excited about the prospect of a holiday in the sun and and don't think I have ever been this impatitent for summer and long nights. xxx